Kite Buying Guide |

Kite Buying Guide

We know that choosing a kite can be a little overwhelming, so we're here to help. The goal is for you to have the best and safest kiting experience each and every time. There are three things to heavily consider when trying to find the perfect kite for you.

Know your Skill Level

The first to consider is your skill level. Are you a beginner or are you advanced enough to operate a power kite? This question is a big one because it quickly narrows down the kite selection that would be right for you. Most amateurs are advised to go with single line kites. Single line kites are easy to assemble, a breeze to launch and anyone (including most children) can operate them. Single line kites come in a number of colors, sizes and shapes. Most notable are the box kite, the delta kite and the diamond kite. All of which make great beginner kites for both young and old.

Performance Matters

The next thing to consider when buying is your use for the kite. Do you want to fly it casually, are you wanting to perform tricks or get busy taking up kite surfing? The answer makes some kites better for you than others. Kites are generally categorized by structure. Where power kites are built to withstand very strong winds, single line kites are built for ease of use. So keep in mind the design of the kite you're looking at to ensure it's going to do everything you want.

Personal Preference

Last, but not least is your personal taste. There are a lot of kites available, different colors, designs, styles, and features. We recommend you do your research, get educated on the models you're interested in, make the call and get ready to have fun. If you still have questions or perhaps need some advice then please don't hesitate to call our customer support line at 1-877-512-1188.