National Kite Month |

April is National Kite Month

April is National Kite Month, but technically it runs from March 31st through May 6th and is an effort to promote kite flying for people of all ages. It's during this time that numerous kiting events from around the World are held. To get more information on possible events in your area we advise you to checkout the American Kitefliers Association calendar. Their objectives are to introduce people to the fun of kite flying and educate them on the rich history of kiting.

Keep in mind that not every gathering has to be a huge one. You can easily organize a local fun fly and make it a success. We heavily urge enthusiasts, clubs for boys and girls, and schools to at least consider organizing such an event. In fact, to help make it possible the National Kite Month Headquarters will provide logistical support.

Let your fun take flight!